About us

Our vision is to meet all cosmetic car maintenance needs in one location. This means that you only need to contact a single place, which is often a great advantage in a busy life. At Concept Carcare we are specialists in cosmetic preparation, car painting, dent repair, auto glass replacement and underbody corrosion protection.

Our company history
The company was founded in 1997, in Vejle, Denmark.

At first, we only offered cosmetic preparation for cars. In 2000 we established our first car paintshop. This made it possible to both prepare and paint the cars under one roof. Today, Concept Carcare handles more than 130,000 cars every year. We have over 400 employees, making Concept Carcare one of Denmark’s largest automotive painting businesses, as well as the largest single preparation business in Denmark.

Our goal is to become the preferred partner for the automotive industry. Our values are based on creating value for our customers through efficiency, quality and flexibility.